How Advduo works

Advduo Description

Advduo is a unique online advertising platform available worldwide. Advduo enables it's clients to raise funds for their needs and at the same time drive the competitive traffic to publish advertisements. Through our peer-to-peer direct upgrade commissions system, our members can earn 100% commissions on their referrals upgrades. Each upgrade comes with a number of credits for text ads, banner ads and login ads. The upgrade fees are paid (voluntarily) by our members to members in their upline and at no time does our system hold any funds in between. All payments are exclusively peer to peer.

About the Pay Plan

The Pay plan of Advduo works on an innovative 5x4 forced matrix structure. Each member has a downline and upline. When members buy an advertising package (Also termed as Upgrade, Membership), the fee is being paid directly into their upline's eWallet (100% commission).

Some Frequently asked Questions

I'm completely a noob to this platform. How do I proceed?

Advduo is a user friendly business. If you are completey new or have no idea how this scheme works, Then below is a simple Step by step process on what you can do.

What's required before proceeding
  1. Either a Bitcoin or Ethereum or Litecoin ewallet.
  2. As small as $5 to upgrade your account.
Getting Started
  1. Create an account (It's FREE)
  2. Upgrade your account by paying the Level 1 upgrade fee ($5 only). Upgrade process is pretty simple and UI Friendly.
  3. Once completing the payment, You are officially a client of Advduo.
  4. You are now eligible to earn $281250. All you have to do is refer your friends for the first level and follow them to do the same.
  5. Once you have maxed your Level 1 (After reaching 5 Referrals), You will have to upgrade further to earn from your Level 2 members.
  6. If your Level 2 referrals are ready to upgrade their account to Level 2 and if you are at Level 1. Then Sorry. You will miss your Level 2 payment. So for whatever Level you have paid for, you will get paid from that level. Simple as that!
  7. Keep upgrading in advance to never miss any payment

What payment processors are used?

Advduo only uses CryptoCurency to make it easy for members to make contributions to other members. Cryptocurrencies, Advduo accepts is Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Payments are processed through the automated Transaction validator using the HASH ID. Advduo has even simplified the efforts of fetching the Hash ID by employing various advanced developments.

What does Spill Referral mean?

Advduo makes it easy for members to get assigned in the system automatically. Whenever an upline has reached maximum amount of referrals he can receive for a particular level. The referrals that further register under him will be assigned to the next level user.

Why does Advduo work on USD, while other similar websites work with BTCs?

Advduo mainly focuses on future developments and believes in technology advancements. Hence Advduo has made it's clients process payments using Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. While other famous similar websites offer only payments via Bitcoin.

Additionally, Cryptocurrency's exchange rates being dynamic will blend Advduo to sustain any bubble condition by making the payment amounts static. This has been possible only by setting the currency to USD.

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